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Custom-Made Solutions! We are YOUR Film and Commercial Services Producers!

As experienced Film+Producers, we offer a variety of services that will take care of all your project needs, from start to finish. Take a look at our services below and contact us today to schedule a meeting.

Film Equipment


Full production of your short film from casting, shooting, editing, and score. The product is then delivered to you via electronic means in the format you want. The Contract will specify full cost and full agreement between all parties involved with the production.

Starts at $500.00

Film Crew


Commercial work will be looked at "case by case". We will help you design a commercial within your budget, cast talent, shoot, edit, score and deliver to you via electronic means in the format you wish to have it in.

Starts at $500.00

Film Slate Marker


We will write custom scenes for you and assist you with finding the right talent to shoot with you, film the scene, edit it, score it and then provide it to you via the electronic format of your choice.

Price starts at $300.00

(Check Out the Micro Short Film "Lisa's Loss" on the PROJECTS page here on the site. This is an example of a quick turnaround project we can create for your reel....all custom. Unique. Tailored to any genre.)

Actor's Audition


We will help your child get experience in front of the camera with one on one instruction by award-winning actors and filmmakers. Lessons will start at $300.00 per 2-hour session and will include a custom monologue that will be recorded professionally for their reel. These will book fast so please consider setting up an appointment a month out.

Age range is 10 to 17

Ready for Fight


Learn COMBAT for CAMERA from a 9th Level Grand Master Instructor with over 40 years of experience. Hand to Hand, Weapons, Choreography and more!

Learn REEL and REAL tactics, techniques, and procedures directly from prior Infantry Marines and Police Officers. Learn how to translate this in film through various character types.

$150.00 Per Person - 4 Hour Session

Magic Performance


Learn the art of Magic from a professional Stage Magician with over  30 years of experience! 

Sleight of Hand / Cards / Coins / Rope / Household Items / Street / Escapes / Illusions and so much more!

$150.00 - 2 Hour Session - In Person

$100.00 - Online 1 Hour Session

Filming Location


Price will be determined case by case for this package as so many things factor into the cost of such a larger production. We will read your script and discuss details with you privately to determine production cost and other details.

Price is Set Case by Case - Contact Us Today 

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